The History emphasis, Associate of Science degree is designed for students interested in completing a bachelor’s degree at Oregon State University (OSU) in History. Students interested in this option are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) as there may be lower division courses required by their chosen discipline that are only offered at Oregon State University. Students interested in a general transfer degree should follow the guidelines for the AAOT and work with an advisor from the college/university they plan to transfer to to be sure the appropriate courses are being taken at LBCC.

Oregon State University offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in History. An OSU Bachelor of Arts degree requires that students take two years of a college-level second language. While this is not a requirement of this Associate of Science degree, it is highly recommended that students interested in a Bachelor of Arts complete this coursework at LBCC, or after transfer using the Degree Partnership Program. 

Students who focus on history develop strong reading, writing and critical thinking skills, and the ability to organize seemingly independent information into a unified whole (synthesis). These skills are required in order to research and analyze historical events and to apply past lessons of history to today’s problems. They are also general skills valued by employers in a wide variety of fields, so a history degree can be a pathway to a wide variety of occupations. Depending on the area of history studied while in school and whether or not a student pursues post-graduate education, career opportunities for students majoring in History currently include the following: teacher/faculty, archivist, writer/researcher, and museum curator/administrator.