Liberal Studies, Associate of Science Degree

Students who successfully complete an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Liberal Studies will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge to specific problems, synthesizing facts, concepts, and principles.
  • Access and use a variety of information sources to formulate a research question or to describe a process or event.
  • Use various forms and styles of written and oral communication effectively.
  • Manage interpersonal relationships effectively.
  • Think critically.
  • Demonstrate cultural fluency working with people from diverse backgrounds within a global community.

General Education Requirements: 44

See the graduation requirements for the Associate of Science degree.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements: 15 

See the degree requirements section for a list of Liberal Arts Core requirements. These are courses required for degrees in the college of Liberal Arts at OSU.

Program Requirements: 31

In consultation with LBCC and OSU advisors, students will develop an education plan that prepares students to complete the Liberal Studies degree at OSU.

Total Credit Hours: 90