Religious Studies

The Religious Studies, Associate of Science degree program is designed to prepare students to major in Religious Studies at Oregon State University (OSU). The Associate of Science degree offers coursework in the study of religion and philosophy, as well as a broad education in the liberal arts. In the Religious Studies program, students explore different religious traditions, seek to understand why religions exist, and what social and cultural factors shape religions. Students who are interested in reading and thinking critically across the the arts and humanities and who have an interest in understanding and celebrating diverse cultures will succeed in this program. OSU has an active Religious Studies club that hosts many interesting speakers and events, to which LBCC students are invited and encouraged to attend. 

The Religious Studies degree at OSU is housed within the College of Liberal Arts, which places a high value on developing well-rounded students. Thus, this program contains an additional 15 credits of liberal arts core courses in specific categories. OSU offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies.The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies requires two years of a foreign language, which students can begin or complete at LBCC. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) as there may be lower division courses required by their chosen discipline that are only offered at Oregon State University. Students are also advised to work with their LBCC advisor and a College of Liberal Arts advisor from OSU (who visit the OSU Partnerships office in McKenzie Hall every term).