How to Get Started: Registration

Registration Office

Takena Hall 115, 541- 917-4811

To Register for Classes

If you are a continuing, admitted student, you will be assigned a priority registration time each term based on the number of credits you have earned at LBCC plus your currently registered LBCC credits. See the quarterly Schedule of Classes for registration times and information about the registration process.

Students who have not completed the admission process can register for 0–5 credits during Open Registration times. You will be asked to use your Social Security number as your initial student identification number to complete the Student Data form. A student ID will be generated for you. You may view this number on your WebRunner student account.

Wait List Procedures

If a class is full, you may sign up for available Wait List openings. You are charged tuition for a Wait List registration. You will not be billed if you are not registered in the class by the add/drop deadline. Prior to the first day of class, students are automatically moved from Wait List to registered status as space becomes available. To find out whether you have achieved “registered” status, view your status in your WebRunner student account. During the Add period, an instructor can add you from the Wait List to the class by signing a Schedule Change form (also called an Add/Drop form), which you then submit to Registration before the Add deadline (Monday of Week Two). Late registrations are subject to a $25 fee. Instructors may drop you from the Wait List if you do not attend the first day of the class. If you are still on the Wait List on the last day of the Add period, you will be dropped from the Wait List and your tuition for that class will be refunded. Refunds are made after the Add/Drop period is over.

Understanding Course Numbers

All lower-division transfer and career and technical courses are taught at a college level. Courses with letter prefixes and numbers of 100 or higher (for example, WR 121, BI 103, MTH 111) usually transfer to a four-year institution. However, some career and technical courses also have numbers of 100 or higher.

Letter-prefix courses that have numbers below 100 or numbers that include a decimal point (for example, MTH 065 or HT 8.102) generally will not transfer to a four-year institution. However, there are some exceptions; see your advisor concerning transferability.

You are not limited to taking all transfer or all career and technical classes; you may mix and match them depending on your program. Consult your advisor.

If a course number is changed from a career and technical number to a transfer level number, the transfer level number will appear on your permanent record only if you took the class after the change was approved.


Many courses require pre-requisites (other completed courses) prior to enrolling. Check the “Course Description” section of this catalog for prerequisites before you register. If you are uncertain about whether you have met a specific prerequisite, check your unofficial transcripts in your WebRunner student account, ask your advisor or the instructor of that class. If you have not met the prerequisite, you may be prevented from registering or dropped from the course.

Class Schedule Changes

To change your schedule in any way, you may use your WebRunner student account or submit a Schedule Change at the Registration Office. For classes that require an instructor’s signature, you must submit a Schedule Change at the Registration Office.

During the first week of the term, you must have the instructor’s written permission to add a course that is full. Registration deadlines for shorter classes are printed in the schedule.

If you are changing to another section of a course whether for cancellation of the class or for any other reason you must fill out a Schedule Change form.

You have until the end of the seventh week of each term to officially withdraw from a full-term class and earn a “W” grade. Withdrawal deadlines for shorter classes are printed in the schedule. (Note: “W” grades are considered non-completion grades for academic standing and financial aid.)

Auditing Classes

If you want to audit a class (take it without receiving credit) you can request audit status either at the time you register or during the Add period for that class. Instructors reserve the right to disenroll students who do not have the prerequisite for the course they want to audit. The fees for auditing are the same as regular enrollment. You are encouraged to discuss your learning goals for the class with the instructor prior to selecting the audit. Auditing students are expected to fully participate in class activities. The instructor is under no obligation to grade or record the student’s work. An “AU” grade will be recorded on the transcript.