Faculty and Administrative Staff

State Administrative Staff:

Oregon State Board of Education

Angela Bowen

Samuel Henry

Artemio Paz, Jr.

Miranda Summer

Serilda Summers-McGee

Anthony Veliz

Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Patick Crane, Commissioner

LBCC Administrative Staff:

Board of Education

Barry Broadbent, Zone 1

Keith Frome, Zone 6-7

Shelly Garrett, Zone 4

Ron Mason, Zone 5

Jim Merryman, Zone 2-3

Vacant, Zone 6-7

Dick Running, Zone 2-3


Greg Hamann, President

Ann Buchele, Vice President, Academic Affairs and Workforce Development

Dave Henderson, Vice President, Finance and Operations

Bruce Clemetsen, Vice President, Student Affairs

Faculty and Management

Aflatooni, Arfa

Faculty, Sociology. BA, MA, Idaho State University; PhD, Washington State University.

Agnew, Virgil

Faculty/Department Chair, Developmental Studies. BA, University of Kansas; BEd, University of Kansas; MA, Lamar University.

Alvin, John

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Heavy Equipment Diesel Technology/ Construction and Forestry Technology. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; Master ASE Certificate (Diesel/Heavy Equipment).

Aynes, Danny

Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar. BA, Arkansas Tech University; MEd, Oregon State University.

Backus, Bridgid

Faculty/Department Chair, Physical Sciences. AS, American River College; BA, MS, California State University-Sacramento; PhD, Oregon State University.

Becker, David

Dean, Business, Applied Technology and Industry. BS, Oregon State University; MS, Oregon State University.

Bird, David

Faculty, Cooperative Work Experience. MS Brigham Young University; PhD, Oregon State University.

Bratcher, Keely

Faculty, Nursing. BSN, MSN, University of Phoenix.

Buchele, Ann

Vice President, Academic Affairs and Workforce Development. BA, MEd, University of Toledo-Ohio; PhD, Oregon State University.

Burchard, Russ

Faculty, Adult Basic Skills. BA, University of Colorado; MAT, Oregon State University.

Caddy, Sheryl

Faculty/Department Chair, Nursing. ADN, Linn-Benton Community College; BSN, Oregon Health Sciences University; JD, Willamette University College of Law; MSN, Walden University.

Campbell, Mary

Faculty, Mathematics, Benton Center. BS, Willamette University; MS, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Carman, Brad

Faculty/Department Chair, Health and Human Performance. BS, Oregon State University; MS, University of Oregon.

Carmichael, Perry

Faculty/Department Chair, Drafting and Engineering Graphics Technology. BS, Oregon Institute of Technology.

Carroll, Linda

Dean, Healthcare. BS, MEd, University of Idaho.

Carter, Deron

Faculty/Department Chair, Physical Sciences. BA, Whitman College; MS, Central Washington University.

Carter, Rod

Faculty/Department Chair, Criminal Justice. BS, JD, University of Oregon.

Casas, Margarita

Faculty, Spanish. MA, Colorado State University.

Cervantes, Javier

Director, Department of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, AA, East Los Angeles College; BA, University of Oregon; MA, Portland State University.

Chafin, Katherine

Counselor, Academic Advising Coordinator. BA, Weber State University; MS, Oregon State University, NCC.

Clark, Kim

Faculty, Nursing. MSN Walden University, BSN North Park University

Clayton, Jennifer

Faculty/Department Chair, Diagnostic Imaging. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College

Clemetsen, Bruce

Vice President, Student Affairs. BS, Willamette University; MA, Michigan State University; PhD, Bowling Green State University.

Coe, Jerry

Faculty, Medical Assistant, BS Oregon State University.

Coffeen, Warren

Faculty/Department Chair, Biology. BS, University of California-Riverside; PhD, Oregon State University.

Coreson, Darrelynn (Dodi)

Faculty/Department Chair, Computer Systems. BS, MS, Oregon State University; BS, Western Oregon University.

Cox, Lynne

Associate Dean of Student Affairs. BA, Oregon State University; JD, Willamette University College of Law.

Crabill, Jeff

Faculty, Mathematics. BS, MS, Northern Arizona University.

Culbertson, Deana

Manager, Employment Services.

Dance, Darci

Faculty, Psychology. BA, MS, Idaho State University.

Davis, Jeff

Regional Director for Benton County. BS, MEd, Oregon State University.

Dowless, Dean

Faculty/Department Chair, Welding Technology. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; Journeyman Welder; AWS certifications.

Duncan, Hollis

Faculty/Department Chair, Mathematics. BS, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; MS, Western Carolina University.

Durling, Kathleen

Faculty/Department Chair, Medical Assistant. RN, Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing.

Durling, Richard

Faculty, Medical Assistant. BS, Oregon State University.

Dusek, Margi

Manager, Accounting and Budget. BS, University of Wyoming.

Dusseau, Tracy

Faculty, Center for Accessibility Resources. MS, Walden University; BA, Arizona State University.

Ehlers, R. J.

Faculty, Automotive/Diesel Technology. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, Weber State University; Master ASE Certified.

Elvin, John Richard

Manager, Technical Theater. BA, Washington State University; MFA, University of Arizona

Falk, Cindy

Faculty, Health and Human Performance. BS,Rocky Mountain College; MEd, University of Idaho.

Falk, Randy

Faculty, Health and Human Performance. BS,Rocky Mountain College; MEd, University of Idaho.

Feldman, Andrew

Dean, Science, Engineering and Mathematics. BS, PhD, The Florida State University.

Fleming, Will

Faculty, English/Writing. BA, Vermont College. MA, City College of New York; MFA, University of Oregon.

Flesch, Jeff

Manager, iLearn Campus. BS, Northern Arizona University; MS, Oregon State University.

Francis, Nicole

Faculty, Mathematics. BA, University of Oregon; MA, Arizona State University.

Franklin, Lewis

Faculty/Department Chair, Digital Imaging and Prepress Technology. AAS, AA, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Fraser-Hevlin, Janice

Counselor. BA, University of Alberta; Diploma in Ed., University of Victoria; MS, Oregon State University.

Frazier, Jayme

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Health and Physical Education. BS, Eastern Oregon University; MS, Western Oregon University/ Oregon State University.

Fudge, Alan

Faculty/Department Chair, Business Management. AS, Middle Georgia College; BChE, Georgia Institute of Technology; MBA, Oregon State University; CPA.

Fulton, Donna

Assistant Director, Financial Aid. AA, Oregon Institute of Technology; BS, Eastern Oregon University; MS, Capella University.

Gerger, Stacey

Faculty/Department Chair, Dental Assisting, BS, Corbin University.

Gibbs, Richard

Wellness Coordinator/Faculty, Health and Human Performance. BS, MS, CHES, Brigham Young University.

Gonzalez, Kristin

Faculty, Psychology. BS, University of Houston; MA, Texas Tech University.

Grady, Noella

Faculty, Mathematics. BA, Whitman College, MS, Oregon State University.

Graham, Beth

Faculty, Life and Employment Development. BS, Southern Oregon University; MS, Oregon State University.

Haerling, Marc

Enterprise System Administrator. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College.

Hamann, Greg

President. BA, University of Minnesota; MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; PhD, Gonzaga University.

Hammond, Leslie

Associate Dean, Student Engagement. BA, Albertson College; MFA, Indiana University

Hansen-Prince, Carley

Faculty, Diagnostic Imaging. BS, Oregon State University; MEd, Western Washington University

Harrison, Robert

Faculty, Social Science. AA, Tyler Junior College; BA, Moorhead State University; MA, University of Texas at Tyler; PhD, Ohio State University.

Havenick, Robin

Faculty, English/Writing. BA, MA, University of Florida.

Hawkins, Richenda

Faculty/Department Chair, Library. BA, University of California-Davis; MLIS, San Jose State University.

Henderson, Dave

Vice President, Finance and Operations. BS, Oregon State University; MBA, Northwest Christian University.

Hibbard, Paul

Faculty, Economics. BA, Whitman College; MS, University of Oregon.

Hobson, Linda

Faculty/Department Chair, Adult Basic Skills. BSEd, MATESOL, Northern Arizona University.

Hofer, Amy

Coordinator, Statewide Open Education Library Services. BA, Brown University; MLIS, San Jose State University.

Houde, Terri

Faculty, Business & Employer Services. BS, Idaho State University; MS, Oregon State University.

Jacobs, Jess

Director, Accounting and Budget. BS, Arizona State University; MBA, Grand Canyon University.

Jacobs, Rachel

Faculty, Biological Sciences. BS, University of Alaska-Fairbanks; DVM, Oregon State University.

Jarschke, John

Faculty, Culinary Arts/Food Services. Diploma, Horst Mager Culinary Institute, Diploma, Western Business College, AA, Oregon Institute of Technology.

Jess, Joseph

Faculty, Computer Systems. BS, Western Oregon University; MS, Portland State University.

Johnson, Carrie-Ann

Faculty, Dental Assisting. AA, Southwestern Oregon Community College; Certified Dental Assistant, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

Keady, Brian

Faculty, Spanish. BA, MA, University of Oregon.

Ketler, David

Faculty, Welding Technology. BS, Western Baptist College. Journeyman welder; AWS and state certifications; CWI; CWE.

Keuneke, Karen

Faculty, Nursing. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; MSN, American Sentinel University

Kidd, David

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Engineering/Wastewater. BS, Northern Arizona University; BEd, University of Alaska; MS, University of Alaska.

Klampe, Angelina

Counselor. BS, MS, Oregon State University.

Klampe, Rick

Faculty, Animal Science. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, MS, California State University-Fresno.

Klier-Butler, Jodi

Faculty, Nursing. AS, Mount St. Mary's College; BS, Western Governors University.

Kovac, Jason

Dean, Academic Foundations. BA, Washington University-St. Louis; MS, University of Illinois; PhD, University of Texas.

Krambuhl, Scott

Director, Facilities. AS, Portland Community College; BS, Oregon Institute of Technology.

Krolick, Philip

Faculty, Automotive Technology. AAS Parkland College; BS University of Illinois; EdM Oregon State University; Master ASE Certification.

Lacey, Kevin

Associate Director, Facilities. BS, Oregon State University.

LaJoie, Lawrence

Manager, Bookstore. BS, State University of New York at Oneonta.

LaRoux, Charlene

Faculty, Biology. AAO, Lane Community College; BS, Portland State; MS, PhD, University of Oregon.

Lassen, Bonnie

Faculty, Nursing. BSN, University of Portland; MSN, University of Phoenix.

Lewis, Robert

Faculty, Mathematics. BA, MAT, Duke University; MS, Montana State University; PhD, Oregon State University.

Lodge, Janet

Faculty/Department Chair, Business Technology. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, Linfield College; MS, Business Education, Emporia State University.

Mack, Dave

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Electrical Apprenticeship. AAS AS, Linn- Benton Community College; BS, Oregon State University; Electronics Technician Certification, Texas.

Madriaga, Charles

Counselor/Department Co-Chair. AA, Hartnell Community College; BA, MA, California State University-Stanislaus.

Madriaga, Tiffany

Counselor. AA Chemeketa Community College, BA Western Oregon University, MS Oregon State University.

Mallory, Stacy

Faculty, iLearn Campus. BS, Weber State University; MS, Oregon State University.

Malosh, Justene

Research Analyst, Institutional Research. BA, Oregon State University.

Manley, Marc

Director, Small Business Development Center. BA, Columbia University.

Maurer, Roger

Faculty, Mathematics. BS, MS, Oregon State University.

Maurer, Vikki

Faculty, Mathematics. BS, Southern Oregon University; MS, Oregon State University.

May, Kristen

Coordinator, Regional Early Learning Hub, BA, MEd, Cambridge College.

McAleer, Scott

Faculty/Department Chair, History. BA, Warren Wilson College; MA, Georgia Southern University.

McArdle, John

Director, Development and Government Relations. BS, University of Oregon.

McKitterick, Renee

Faculty, Ceramics. BFA, Ohio State University; MFA, University of New Mexico-Albuquerque.

McLennan, Seaton

Faculty, Non-Destructive Testing. MS, University of Massachusetts.

Merino, Paula

Faculty, Diagnostic Imaging. AA, Certificate of Radiological Sciences, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, Oregon State University.

Miller, Lara

Coordinator, Grant Compliance, iLearn Campus. BA, Willamette University.

Millet, Terrance

Faculty, English/Writing. BA, MA, University of Western Ontario, Canada; MFA, Oregon State University.

Miyagishima, Bryan

Librarian. BA, MEd, University of California-Los Angeles; MLIS, University of Washington-Seattle.

Moling, Marci

Faculty, Physical Sciences. AB, Ripon College; MS, Washington State University.

Moon, Dale

Coordinator, Regional CTE. BS, MEd, Western Washington University.

Moran, Cameren

Faculty, Welding Technology. AS, Linn-Benton Community College.

Morgan, Caitlin

Faculty, Career and Counseling, High School Programs. BA, MS, Oregon State University.

Mulder, Greg

Faculty/Department Chair, Physical Science. BA, Oregon State University; MS, University of Irvine.

Murphey, Kristina

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Health and Human Performance. BS, MS, Texas A & M University.

Niedermann, John

Faculty/Department Chair, Machine Tool Technology. AAS (two), Lane Community College. Certified manufacturing technologist and machinist.

Nystrom, Christine

Director, Community Education. BS, California State University Chico

Ocampo, Raymund

Faculty, Music. BMu, Concordia College. MMu, University of South Florida.

Olson, Marcene

Manager, Safety and Loss Prevention. BS, Iowa State University; MA, University of Phoenix.

Painter, Mashelle

Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. BS, Eastern Oregon University; MEd, University of Texas.

Paris, Joseph

Faculty, Computer Systems. BS, MS, Western Oregon University.

Payton, Barry

Faculty, Heavy Equipment/Diesel Technology. ASE Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling certification; AWS certification; AAS, Linn-Benton Community College.

Pearce, Liz

Faculty/Department Chair, Education/Child and Family Studies. BA, Tufts University; EdM, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Pedersen, Jonathan

Web Architect. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College.

Pope, Chad

Manager, Food and Conference Services.

Powell, Ryan

Faculty, Machine Tool. AS, Linn-Benton Community College.

Price, Gary

Regional Director, East Linn Centers, Transportation Technology and Workforce Training. BS, University of Colorado; MEd, University of Northern Colorado.

Priestman, Ian

Faculty, Business Management. BA, MBA, University of Lincolnshire and Humberside; Post Graduate Certificate Education, University of Leeds.

Priewe, Rob

Faculty, Journalism. BA, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee; MBA, Willamette University.

Quiner, Michael

Chief Information Officer. AA, Linn-Benton Community College; BS, Linfield College.

Raymundo, Carol

Manager, Center for Accessibility Resources and Student Assessment. BA, Corban University; MS, Walden University.

Rehley, John

Manager, Printing and Mailing Services. AA, Linn-Benton Community College.

Richards, Andrew

Faculty, Nursing. ADN, Greenville Technical College; BSN, South

Rinker, Russell

Manager, Network Systems. BS, University of Oregon.

Riseley, Christopher

Faculty, English. BA, MA, Sonoma State University.

Rizk, Ziko

Faculty, Computer Systems. PMP/PMI Certification; BS San Diego State University.

Robinson, Elaine

Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs. AA, Tacoma Community College; BA, University of Washington; MS, Warner Pacific College.

Rogers, Sheri

Faculty, Mathematics. BM, BS, Methodist University; MAT, Fayetteville State University.

Rolen, Scott

Director, Human Resources. BS, California State University-Sacramento; MPA, University of San Francisco.

Ruderman, Chris

Faculty, Business Management. Advanced Accounting Certificate, College of DuPage; BA, Western Illinois University; MA, University of Oregon.

Sandberg, Jane

Faculty, Library. BM, Oberlin Conservatory of Music; MS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Schiedler, Bryan

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Automotive Technology. AAS, Linn-Benton Community College; BA, Northern Montana College; Master ASE Certified.

Seiter, Stefan

Faculty, Agricultural Sciences. BS, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim/Germany; MS, PhD, Oregon State University.

Shanks, Marcy

Faculty, Nursing. BSN, Oregon Institute of Technology; MSN, Western Oregon University. MSEd, Western Oregon University.

Sharman, Ronald

Faculty/Department Chair, Water/Wastewater Technology. AS, Linn- Benton Community College; BS, Oregon State University.

Shear, Jo

Faculty, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. BS, Creighton University.

Sherlock, Joe

Manager, Publications and Web. BFA, Oregon State University.

Shinkle, Sandra

Counselor. BA, California State University-Fresno; MA, San Francisco State University.

Sikora, Amy

Assistant Director, Enrollment Progression and Technology. BA, Arizona State University; MS, Capella University.

Skarda, Steve

Faculty, Biology. BS, Oregon State University; MS, Southern Illinois University.

Smith, Justin

Director, Institutional Research. BA, MPA, Stephen F. Austin University; PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara.

Smith, Steve

Director, Instructional Technology. BA, University of Washington; MA, Oregon State University.

Smith, Vern

Network Administrator. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; Certified Novell Engineer.

Spencer, Shari

Faculty, Nursing. AS, Mount Hood Community College; BS, University of Phoenix; MSN, University of Phoenix.

Stetz-Waters, Karelia

Faculty/Department Chair, English. BA, Smith College; MA, University of Oregon.

Stevens, Christy

Faculty, Education/Child and Family Studies. AA, Virginia Western Community College; BA, Roanoke College; MA, Boise State University.

Stone, Dan

Faculty, Theater. BA, California State University–San Bernardino; MFA, Humboldt State University.

Strooband, Jenny

Faculty, Animal Science. BA, Lewis and Clark College; MS, Oregon State University.

Stowell, Dale

Executive Director, College Advancement. AS, Linn-Benton Community College; BA, Portland State University.

Swanson, Parker

Faculty, Computer Systems. BA, Harvard University; BD, Pacific School of Religion; MA, University of California-Davis; MSEE, California State University- Sacramento.

Sweet, John

Faculty/Department Co-Chair, Engineering. BS, MS, Oregon State University.

Sytsma, Sherrilyn

Faculty, Nursing, BSN Excelsior College; MEd, Plymouth State College; MSN, Excelsior College.

Tadday, Ralph

Faculty, Physical Sciences. PhD, Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg

Tarnay, Lou

Manager, Bond Program-Capital Construction. BS, Oregon State University.

Trice, Brian

Manager, Alternate Fuel Transportation. Bachelor and Master Freightliner Certifications.

Thompson Graham, Joyce

Faculty/Department Chair, ELA/ABS. BA, Evangel College; MA, Western Kentucky University.

Urista, Mark

Faculty/Department Chair, Communication. AA, El Camino College; BA, University of California–Berkeley; MA, University of the Pacific.

Usner, Matt

Faculty, Writing/Literature. BA, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; MA, Westchester University of Pennsylvania.

Vedaa, Mary

Faculty, Business Management. BA, University of the Pacific; MEd, Oregon State University.

Virasak, Sisi

Faculty, Computer Systems. BS, Oregon State University. MS, University of Phoenix.

Walker, Jane

Faculty, English/Writing. BS, University of Minnesota; MAIS, Oregon State University.

Walsh, Marcia

Faculty, Education/Child and Family Studies. BA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; MA, Pacific Oaks College.

Weber, Clayton

Faculty/Department Chair, Animal Science. BS, Oklahoma State University; MS, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

Weiss, Mark

Counselor. BA, California State University-Long Beach; MEd, LPC, Oregon State University.

Wheat, Diana

Faculty, Biology. BS, MA, University of Kansas.

Widenmann, Sally

Dean, Instruction. BA, MA, University of California-Santa Barbara; PhD, Oregon State University.

Williams, Gabriel

Manager, Applications and Systems Programming. BS, University of Montana; MBA, Oregon State University.

Wimbley-Gouveia, Chareane

Faculty, Developmental Studies/Learning Center. BA, University of California-Davis; MPA, Stanislaus State University.

Winder, Katie

Dean, Arts, Social Science and Humanities. BA, Lewis and Clark College; PhD, Johns Hopkins University.

Withrow, Kathy

Assistant Director, Human Resources. AA, Linn-Benton Community College; BA, MBA, George Fox University.

Wolfe, Jerri

Faculty/Department Chair, Parenting Education. BS, Oregon State University; MS, Portland State University; PhD, Oregon State University.

Wynings, Andrew

Development Officer. BS, Eastern Oregon University.

Direct-Dial Phone Numbers

All LBCC campus offices have direct-dial numbers for your convenience. These bypass the college switchboard and save time for you as well as for the college. Please use the direct-dial numbers whenever possible.

Switchboard 541-917-4999

ABE/GED 541-917-4710

Academic Foundations 541-917-4683

Admissions 541-917-4811

Albany Community Education 541-917-4840

Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities 541-917-4237

Benton Center (Corvallis) 541-757-8944

Bookstore 541-917-4950

Business, Applied Technology & Industry 541-917-4285

Business and Employer Services 541-917-4923

Business Office (payments, loan disbursements) 541-917-4312

Campus Public Safety 541-917-4440

Child Care 541-917-4899

Counseling/Advising/Career Center 541-917-4780

Disability Services 541-917-4690

Family Resources Department 541-917-4897

Financial Aid 541-917-4850

First Stop Entry Center 541-917-4811

Foundation/Development 541-917-4209

Healthcare, ELearning and Media 541-917-4923

Hospitality Services/Room Reservations 541-917-4385

Human Resources/Payroll 541-917-4420

JOBS Program 541-917-4875

Learning Center 541-917-4684

Lebanon Center 541-259-5801

Library 541-917-4638

Nursing 541-917-4511

President’s Office 541-917-4200

Registration 541-917-4812

Russell Tripp Performance Center Box Office 541-917-4531

Science, Engineering & Math 541-917-4413

Student Assessment (Testing) 541-917-4781

Student Employment 541-917-4780

Student Life & Leadership 541-917-4457

Sweet Home Center 541-367-6901

Testing (Student Assessment) 541-917-4781

Transcripts 541-917-4830

Veterans Affairs 541-917-4858

For additional campus maps and driving directions, go to www.linnbenton.edu/campus-maps