Repeating a Class

In general, a course in which a student has earned a passing grade may not be repeated to satisfy certificate of degree requirements. Courses that may be repeated to satisfy certificate of degree requirements have a note in the course description.

Courses not designated as repeatable in catalog may only be taken twice. Enrollment in a course after a second attempt requires approval from the student's academic advisor or CFAR staff.

When a higher grade is earned in a repeated course the lowest grade will be excluded from the cumulative grade point average (CGPA). An “E” is placed on the transcript next to the grade excluded from the CGPA and an “I” next to the grade included in the CGPA calculation.

If the grades for the course are the same, the most recent course is included and the previous class excluded from the CGPA calculation.

Repeated courses are considered attempted credits and count in a student's completion rate for calculating Satisfactory Academic Progress for federal and state financial aid eligibility. The use of federal of state financial aid programs to pay for repeated courses is governed by current regulations. Students are advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to repeating a course.