Student Success Options in Mathematics

LBCC has designed the following courses to refresh skills prior to taking a course or perhaps accelerate students to the appropriate transfer-level mathematics course. Students should check with their academic advisor when making a decision about an appropriate mathematics pathway.

SS1.127 Math Boot Camp is a one-week, one-credit course that runs prior to the start of each term aimed at giving students time to refresh math skills for an upcoming course or to work on improving math placement. Math Boot Camp is designed for students who have been placed into MTH 050, MTH 075, or MTH 095 and is designed to be an intense review of past knowledge, not a time to learn new material. Students will be guided by a mathematics instructor using online software to work through the review of skills and concepts.

MTH 015 Math Fast Track is a 10-week, five-credit course for students who have perhaps been out of school a while and forgotten some math skills. Students in Math Fast Track work at a faster pace than in other courses, with the goal of increasing their math placement by more than one class in a single term. To be successful in Math Fast Track, a student must be motivated and must have ample time outside of class dedicated to working on the material. Students and their instructor will determine a timeline for completing work. Math Fast Track is taught using online software to relearn forgotten math skills.

MTH 098 Foundations for Contemporary Math is a 10-week, five-credit course that is an alternate path to MTH 105, a transfer-level mathematics course. For students pursuing a degree whose mathematics requirement can be satisfied by MTH 105, this pathway (MTH 098) will prepare you for success in MTH 105 in just one term. Students on this pathway take MTH 098 instead of the traditional algebra sequence. This course, therefore, is only for those students who do not need MTH 111, or any class for which MTH 111 is a prerequisite, in their degree plans. Students should check with their academic advisor about taking advantage of this alternate path. Please note:

  • MTH 098 is NOT for students who need to take MTH 111.
  • Students taking MTH 098 should sign up for MTH 105 for the following term.
  • MTH 098 is a 5-credit course that requires active participation from every student.
  • Excel and computer access will be needed throughout.
  • Exams will be taken outside of class in a testing center.
  • The student should have taken algebra in high school.
  • Forgotten math skills will be recovered when needed, so there is no prerequisite.
  • If the student has been out of high school algebra for several years then it is recommended that the student take MTH 050 before taking MTH 098.