APR 101 Intro Electricity/Circuit Comp

Introductory electricity course, emphasizing electron theory, electrical terminology, magnetism, and electro-magnetism. Ohmäó»s Law will be introduced and applied to series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits. A study of AC circuits and the associated reactive components (capacitors and inductors) will necessitate an introduction to trigonometry and vector analysis.




Offered Fall only



General Education Requirements

AAS Math/Computation,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Recognize, utilize and draw simple forms of electrical drawings including pictorial, schematic and line diagrams. Become familiar with the operation of volt. ohm and amp meters to be able to use these instruments to test or troubleshoot electrical components within any simple series or parallel circuit. Describe how capacitors, coil and resistors work in AC circuits and be able to use this knowledge to test simple AC circuits. calculate electrical circuit quantities associated with series and parallel electrical circuits.