APR 259 Vibration Analysis And Equipment Reliability

Vibration analysis of rotating machinery allows a trained technician to determine how well a piece of equipment is running during operation by the use of spectrum analysis. It is a non-invasive inspection technique to accurately determine if bearing or gear defects exist from the sound vibrations produced by machinery. The class will discuss the effects of motion and movement pertaining to reliable equipment operation by exploring how defects start in bearings and develop to the point of needing replacement. Ways to reduce the effects of wear are a part of reliability.




Prerequisite: APR 257 Math for Apprenticeship or MTH 050 Number Sense and Critical Thinking with a grade of C or better




Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Ability to determine if a bearing is good or defective. Ability to analyze the type, amplitude and sound of a specific vibration. Demonstrate the use of vibration analysis equipment.