BI 221 Principles of Biology I

Introduces the fundamentals of biological concepts and theories about the chemical and molecular basis of life, structure and function, transformation of energy and matter, and information flow at a cellular and molecular level. Includes a laboratory component.




CH 112 or CH 150 or CH 121 or CH 221 with a grade of C or better. May be taken concurrently.


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

AS Biological Science, AAOT Science/Math Lab Course, AGS Math/Science


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Describe the building blocks and synthesis of the major classes of biomolecules and the contribution of their three-dimensional structure to their functions. Describe and relate anabolic (photosynthesis) and catabolic (respiration and fermentation) pathways emphasizing the transformation of energy and matter. Describe how cells store, use, and transmit genomic information. Differentiate the various cellular processes that can affect gene expression.