CH 121 College Chemistry

The first of a three term college chemistry sequence for students in human performance, certain health occupations programs, agriculture, animal science, and fisheries and wildlife. This sequence is for students who have had no previous training in chemistry and whose program of study requires only a one-year sequence of college chemistry. Topics include measurement, chemical calculations, chemical formulas and equations, gas laws, thermochemistry, atomic structure and periodicity. Entering students are expected to have a working knowledge of high school algebra and scientific notation. Students are advised to investigate and understand the degree requirements at the university where they intend to transfer. (Note - this sequence is not equivalent to General Chemistry. CH 121 does not fulfill the Baccalaureate Core requirements at OSU, however the next two courses in the series, CH 122 and CH 123, fulfill Baccalaureate Core requirements at OSU.) CH 121, CH 122, CH 123 must be taken in order.




Prerequisite: MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or better.


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

AS Physical Science, AGS Math/Science, AAOT Science/Math Non-Lab Course,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Differentiate the historical developments leading to the development of the atomic theory and the Periodic Table. Solve scientific problems with quantitative methods using dimensional analysis and/or algebra regarding unit conversions, stoichiometry, gas laws, and thermochemistry. Apply chemical principles associated with chemical and physical changes and properties of matter, nomenclature, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, the kinetic theory of a gas, and quantum theory.