CIS 135S Advanced Spreadsheets

Provides advanced techniques and features of spreadsheet software for business applications and financial analysis. Uses the applications expected in the business environment, including but not limited to an operating budget, and following a company's stock price and other information. New concepts to be introduced include break-even analysis, financial projections, statistical analysis, and data and pivot tables to summarize data.




Prerequisite: CIS 125 Introduction to Software Applications or OA 120 Information Technology for Adminstrative Professionals; or OA 131O Windows & Computer Fundamentals and CIS 125S Excel Fundamentals with a grade of C or better.


Offered Fall Spring only


Career Technical Education (CTE) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Develop financial projections based on scenarios. Develop visual presentations of data. Develop various alternatives useful in decision making. Summarize large amounts of data.