CRS 180B Medical Office Management for Coders Lab

Provides the opportunity to work in the lab environment to learn skills necessary to complete projects assigned in CRS 180A Medical Office Management for Coders. Requires group and one-on-one instructor time. 




CRS 102 Coding II with a grade of C or better


CRS 180A Medical Office Management for Coders


Career Technical (CTE) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Complete front office and coding related administrative tasks including but not limited to computations, spread sheet development for staffing, payroll, claims cycle management, accounts receivable management, patient statement generation and review, day sheet preparation, and other essential tasks. Work within a group, developing plans as a group and including remote team members in workflow and project execution. Demonstrate competency in back-end coding tasks such as coding edits, coding audits, and procedural and diagnostic documentation review.