CS 284 Computer Security/ Information Assurance

This introductory course deals with the fundamental basic principles and surveys modern topics in computer security. It covers privacy concerns, policies and procedures, hardware security, software security, network security, and data security. Multi-level security, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and access control are discussed along with an introduction to cryptography.




Prerequisite: MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra with a grade of C or better and CS 160 Orientation to Computer Science with a grade of C or better.


Offered Winter only


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Recognize and understand the most common computer and network security vulnerabilities. Demonstrate the basic knowledge and technical skills required to employ defensive tools and techniques that can mitigate common security vulnerabilities. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of network and computer security including malware, social engineering attacks, application-oriented attacks, network-focused attacks, vulnerability assessments, attack mitigation, application and hosed-based security mechanisms, networks security mechanisms, network management, user authentication, account management, cryptography and business continuity planning.