HE 225 Social & Individual Health Determinants

Overview of the macro (social/system/environmental) and micro (individual) contributors to premature disease, disability and population health. Selected behavioral theories supporting health risks and strategies for the prevention of premature disease/disability and the promotion of health.




Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

AS Social Process/Institution, AAOT Health & PE,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Define the dimensions of health and relate to health status. Analyze how predisposing factors (i.e. beliefs, attitudes, family units) affect behavior change goals and discuss behavior change skills and techniques. Demonstrate an understanding of an ecological health model Evaluate critically sources of health information, particularly the Internet, to determine reliability and validity. Identify disparities in health and the underlying reasons for differences in health risks based on non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors. Discover career opportunities in health.