HST 202 US History: 1820-1920

Provides an overview of United States History from 1820 to 1920. Includes but is not limited to: Western Expansion; the growth of sectional tensions; slavery; Civil War; Reconstruction; subjugation of Indian Nations and the establishment of the reservation system; the Gilded Age; and Populism.

(History courses at LBCC can be taken in any order. Lower numbers do not necessarily represent a starting point. No prior coursework in History is required to take this or any other course. All courses have similar expectations regardless of the course number.)

Recommended: College-level reading and writing skills are strongly recommended for success in this course.




Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

AS Liberal Arts Core 2, Cultural Literacy AAOT/AAS, AAOT Social Sciences, AS Western Culture, AS Liberal Arts Core 4, AGS Social Science, AAS Human Relations


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Articulate an understanding of key historical events from 1820 to 1920 including but not limited to Western Expansion, the growth of sectional tensions, slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction, the gilded Age and Populism. Identify and investigate historical theses, evaluate information and its sources, and use appropriate reasoning to construct evidence-based arguments on historical issues. Construct a historical argument integrating both primary documents and secondary sources.