IN4. 164 Technical Writing for CTE

Covers processes and fundamentals of writing field-specific technical documents, including structure, organization and development, audience analysis, diction and style, revision, editing, mechanics and standard usage, and writing process required for successful workplace writing. This course focuses on writing work place documents commonly written by technicians: emails, descriptions, customer intake documents, documentation of work completed, bad news messages, instructions, summaries, accident reports, resumes, cover letters, troubleshooting procedures, proposals, request for quotes, etc.




Career Technical Education (CTE) Course

General Education Requirements

AAS Communication,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Be able to write a variety of technical documents descriptions RFQs, progress reports, etc. according to industry standards. Be able to identify and target an audience, purpose, and situation. Be able to structure ideas clearly and logically. Be able to revise and edit materials to reflect workplace appropriate grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation. Be able to read, analyze, and summarize technical information.