MA3. 421 CNC: Lathe

Introduces students to a modern CNC turning center and part programming using industry standard ISO/EIA machine code for the Fanuc controller. Students turn aluminum parts to specifications on a Hitachi Seiki CNC Lathe. Safety procedures are emphasized. Prepares students for mastery of the two axis lathe coordinate plane.




Offered Winter only


Career Technical Education (CTE) Course

General Education Requirements

Computer Competency


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Make a part within tolerance on the CNC Lathe using manual control. Make a part using manual data input (MDI). Make parts using fully automatic operation. Read, write and edit G & M machine code as it relates to the turning center. Understand and follow safety procedures for the turning center. Demonstrate hands-on skill when performing routine machine operator skills. Balance cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut for optimum metal removal rate and quality parts.