MP 131 Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir (Re-Choired Element) is a performing group that includes the singing and performing of advanced choral literature, including madrigals, motets, jazz arrangements and musical theater. Students will develop high-level sight reading and aural skills. Participation in this course may include a number of off-campus performances, as well as a final concert.




Required: Audition and Instructor Permission. Note: Each level of this course can be repeated up to three times for credit.


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Examine, evaluate, and critique, using music reading skills where appropriate, how the structure and context impact and inform prepared and improvised performances appropriate for an advanced, first year chamber choir member. Collaborate to produce rehearsals and performances of advanced musical achievement. Develop, apply, and refine appropriate rehearsal strategies to address individual and ensemble challenges in a varied repertoire of music appropriate for a first year chamber choir member. Demonstrate advanced vocal production technique as it relates to choral music the self and ensemble aural and visual evaluation in rehearsal and performance appropriate for a first year chamber choir member. Utilize leadership and team-building skills in ensemble and sectional rehearsals.