MT3. 812 Mechanical Systems

This lab-based course introduces students to fundamental mechanical skills, concepts and practices. Intended for mechatronics technicians, the course includes but is not limited to: precision measurement, technical shop math, mechanical fasteners, hand and power tools, and fundamentals of rigging and lifting. Safe application of industrial skills in the workplace is emphasized. This course contains a portion of the embedded computation requirement for Related Instruction.




Offered Fall only


Career Technical Education (CTE) Course

General Education Requirements

AAS Math/Computation,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Define and/or explain terminology relating to mechanical systems. Explain the operation of simple machines and basic mechanical systems. Demonstrate and strengthen critical thinking skills for technical problem solving. Demonstrate and strengthen computational skills relating to the operation and efficiency of mechanical systems. Demonstrate proper/safe use of hand and power tools to complete hands-on shop assignments. Create and maintain a logically formatted laboratory book describing completed hands-on work.