MT3. 848 EPA Technician Certification

Includes studying, practicing and reviewing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements in order to sit for and pass the energy service company (ESCO) EPA certification exam. Provides test prep booklets, EPA related texts, DVDs, and instructor generated content. Entails scheduling a test date with the instructor when the student is judged to be adequately prepared and sitting for the exam from the ESCO HVAC Excellence Program. 




Corequisite: MT3.855 Refrigeration Troubleshooting.


Career Technical (CTE) required or elective


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Students will learn effective study techniques.
  2. Student will learn to handle refrigerants safely and per EPA regulations including section 608 of the clean air act.
  3. Students will pass the ESCO EPA certification exam.