MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra

Designed for the student who is familiar with elementary algebra, as well as basic geometry and statistics . Topics include graphing quadratic, and other functions; multiplying and factoring polynomials; performing operations with rational expressions; solving systems of linear equations; solving quadratic equations by factoring; performing arithmetic with complex numbers; developing and applying mathematical models. Problem solving is emphasized throughout the course. Application problems are realistic with some data to be collected, analyzed and discussed in a group setting with results submitted in written form.




Prerequisite: MTH 075 Variables and Linear Equations or equivalent with a grade of C or better.

General Education Requirements

Math/Science, AAS Math/Computation


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Interpret and analyze functions to find information such as domain, range, variable and function values by using a variety of tools that may include graphs, tables or given equations., Model application problems using appropriate algebra such as a linear system of equations, quadratic regression equations, and variation equations., Verbally explain mathematical concepts, processes and solutions., Apply algebra skills to simplify expressions such as exponential, radical, rational and complex number expressions., Apply algebra skills such as factoring, completing the square, the quadratic formula, to solve equations various types of equations.