MTH 098 Found for Contemporary Math

A one-term course to prepare students for a liberal arts mathematics course (Math 105). Covers core concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and introductory statistics that are needed to understand the material in the liberal arts mathematics course. This course is designed for students who do NOT want to major in mathematics, science, engineering or computer science and who do not need MTH 111 College Algebra. It is assumed students have high school algebra in their background. Students will need time outside of class to access online materials and complete some homework using a computer. Excel will be taught and used daily. Recommended: MTH 050 Number Sense and Critical Thinking with a C or better or placement in MTH 075 Variables and Linear Equations.



General Education Requirements

AAS Math/Computation


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of numerical skills in a variety of contexts based on the course objectives. Interpret and communicate statistical and mathematical concepts using a variety of graphical and computational methods. Apply algebraic skills and reasoning to solve problems based on the course objectives. Identify properties of a function and create mathematical models.