MUS 113 Aural Skills I

Develops some of the most important skills a musician should have. Students will concentrate on their abilities to use Curwen hand-signs, identify triad and scale quality, compare and contrast written and played music, audiate written notation including dictation exercises and sight-singing, and conduct while singing. This course is intended for both music and non-music majors. Music majors should take this course with MUS 122.




Music Majors must take MUS 121 concurrently with this course.


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Sing a melody with solfege and Curwen hand-signs using the moveable do system. Identify, establish and maintain the key and tempo of a given melody. Sing and conduct while maintaining rhythmic accuracy and tempo. Identify the quality (major or minor) of a triad or scale. Identify and notate melodies with stepwise motion, rhythms and chord progressions using combinations of chords. Vocalize the rhythm of a given exercise while conducting the tempo in simple meter patterns. Contrast played examples with written examples and identify incorrect notes or rhythm.