MUS 114 Aural Skills II

A course for students to develop some of the most important skills a musician should have. The skills in this course will build on the skills learned in MUS 113: Aural Skills I. Students will concentrate on their abilities to hear relationships in music, notate music correctly, and to audiate written notation including dictation exercises and sight-singing. This course is intended for both music and non-music majors. Music majors should take this course with MUS 122.




MUS 113 with a grade of C or better.


Music Majors must take MUS 122 concurrently with this course.


Winter term


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Sing one part of a duet while maintaining tonal and rhythmic accuracy. Vocalize the rhythm of a given exercise while conducting the tempo in simple and compound meter patterns. Contrast played examples with written examples. Identify and correct incorrect notes or rhythm. Notate a melody from an aural example that includes both stepwise and non-stepwise motion. Improve sight-reading skills and rhythmic study. Identify and notate chord progressions using combinations of chords built on each scale degree.