MUS 121 Literature and Materials of Music I

Covers fundamentals of music theory along with a brief introduction to Western art music. This requires students to learn to read and write all notes in treble and bass clef, and all common scales, intervals, triads and seventh chords, using key signatures. They also learn to recognize basic rhythms and write them down.




Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Identify and accurately use musical staff notation: clefs, pitches, intervals, rhythmic values, time signatures, key signatures, triads, seventh chords and their inversions. Identify and describe the development of musical ideas in student created compositions using simple musical forms. Create music through the use of notation or technology and demonstrate how the elements of music have been employed to realize expressive intention. Analyze the elements of music in musical works, relating them to style, mood, and context and describe how the analysis provides models for composition from the perspective of composer, performer, and listener. Demonstrate an understanding of musical works through participation in the creative process.