PSY 202 General Psychology

Discusses the social and personality aspects of psychology, including intelligence, motivation and emotion, health and stress, personality development, classification and treatment of psychological disorders, and the social context of human behavior and attitudes. Recommended: Placement at or above the ALS 115 Advanced College Reading and Learning Strategies and WR 115 Introduction to College Writing levels are highly recommended for success in this course. Successful completion of PSY 201 is recommended but not required for this course.




Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

AAS Human Relations, AS Social Process/Institution, AGS Social Science, AAOT Social Sciences, AS Liberal Arts Core 4, AAOT Cultural Literacy


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Describe major facts and theories from the domain of psychology. Recognize and articulate the interplay between social, psychological and biological forces. Apply relevant psychological phenomena to everyday relationships and situations. Combine and synthesize psychological concepts and theories to draw reasonable conclusions, develop intelligent skepticism, and critically analyze information.