SPN 202 Second Year Spanish II

Further development of all language skills toward language proficiency and cultural understanding. Conducted in Spanish. Acquaints students with more complex grammar structures, and with Hispanic cultures through authentic materials. Required: SPN 201 Second Year Spanish I with a grade of C or better, or five years of high school Spanish equivalent or instructor approval. Native speakers are required to have instructor approval.




Offered Winter only


Lower Division Transfer (LDT) Course

General Education Requirements

Cultural Literacy AAOT/AAS, AAOT Arts & Letters, AAS Human Relations, AGS Humanities/Arts,


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
Demonstrate and improve narrative skills using additional compound tenses. Demonstrate an ability to communicate using the subjunctive mood in additional tenses. Research and explain in Spanish a cultural aspect from a Hispanic country not explored in SPN 201. Communicate information in Spanish at the intermediate mid level (as per ACTFL proficiency guidelines).