Accounting Technology

The associate degree or certificate in accounting technology is designed to prepare students for a variety of jobs in the field of accounting. In smaller offices, accountants handle all finances. They record accounting transactions and reconciliations, prepare bank deposits, and prepare financial statements and other reports for managers and supervisors. In larger offices and accounting departments, the jobs are more specialized. Entry-level positions enter the details of transactions, find the totals for accounts, compute interest charges, and monitor loans, as well as maintain responsibility for accounts payable and receivable. More experienced accountants may be responsible for payroll, cost accounting, and the entire accounting cycle. Most accountants use computerized accounting software. Experienced workers may enter transactions on the computer and review computer generated reports. Accountants must ensure that their actions comply with generally accepted accounting principles, federal and state laws, and company policies and procedures. They need knowledge in accounting, economics, tax and law; general office procedures; mathematics; written and oral communication; computer hardware and software; and customer service skills.

Program Requirements

The following programs are available to students who are interested in accounting but do not desire a four-year degree: a One-year Certificate in Accounting Clerk and a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting Technology with two tracks — a Business Track and a Healthcare Track. Both programs prepare students for entry-level positions in bookkeeping and accounting. Graduates of the two-year program should be able to enter the field at a higher level and advance further. Students who wish to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or Certified Management Accountants (CMAs), or to pursue further study, should complete the Business Management, Associate of Science degree described in this catalog. 

Students entering either program should have a high interest in business operations, working in a team environment, and demonstrate attention to detail and familiarity with computer software. The Accounting Technology AAS, Healthcare Track incorporates both the healthcare and accounting professions. Students should have sufficient math and writing skills to enroll in MTH 075 Elementary Algebra and WR 121 English Composition.