Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Technology

Mechatronics offers a hands-on program encompassing topics ranging from traditional mechanical skills to state-of-the-art electronics. The Mechatronics Program at LBCC is known for its success in meeting the rapidly growing need for highly-trained industrial automation technicians to support a wide array of businesses and industries.

With a focus on troubleshooting at the systems level, graduates from the Mechatronics Program can think and test their way through most any kind of equipment malfunction. Cross-training on a variety of similar brand-specific equipment produces a technician capable of rapid comprehension when encountering unfamiliar equipment and/or devices in the workplace. With an eye toward energy efficiency, graduates can redesign/reconfigure existing equipment to streamline processes, saving time and money.

Successful mechatronics technicians are hands-on learners who also gain the skill to think analytically about interrelated systems. Such technicians are self-starters, willing to learn on-the-job and work well alone and in teams.

Mechatronics technicians are in high demand in a diverse spectrum of industries including: aerospace, agriculture, food processing, HVAC controls, renewable energy, semiconductor processing, machining, computer networking, animatronics, and automated manufacturing.