Welding and Fabrication Technology


Welding and fabrication can lead to a rewarding career for students who enjoy challenges and like to work with their hands. Welding is used in constructing ships, automobiles, bridges, buildings, aircraft equipment, and many other products. In the welding process, heat is used to fuse metal pieces together. Soldering and brazing are similar processes that are used on electronic and other small equipment.

Welding is a good fit for students who possess skills in mechanical ability, preciseness, and creativity. A welder/fabricator must be in good physical condition and be able to stand, stoop, kneel, and bend. Good eyesight, especially depth perception, is necessary. The ability to work as a team is a valuable asset, and a welder/fabricator must also have the initiative to work independently.

People already employed in welding or a related field may upgrade their skills by enrolling in classes offered by the Welding and Fabrication Technology Department. Welding I, Welding II, and Preparation for Certification classes offer students exposure to welding processes and practices. Advanced coursework to prepare for certification in pipe or plate welding is available with instructor permission. Testing is done by instructors with a CWI or through an independent agency.

It is recommended that students enter the Welding and Fabrication Technology program in Fall Term. Admission may be possible at other times, however, a full credit load cannot be guaranteed. See a Welding faculty advisor for details.

Program Requirements

The Welding and Fabrication Technology Department offers several options to prepare students for entry-level positions in welding, welding repair, welder/fabricator, industrial mechanics and pipefitter/welder; all of them provide training in welding procedures, print reading, fabrication and layout. Students wanting to enter the program should have basic math and high school-level reading skills. Interested students should consider an Associate of Applied Science degree or a One-year Certificate of Completion.


The IA Welding Shop and the IC Fabrication Shop are large, modern facilities with oxy-acetylene, SMAW, MIG and TIG stations. Other equipment includes plasma arc, Computer/Numerical Controlled plasma cutting, template cutting, shearing, bending, rolling, drilling, and rigging equipment. Classrooms are conveniently located next to the shops and audiovisual materials are available.