Agricultural Business Management

The Agricultural Business Management program is designed for students who want to complete their lower-division coursework prior to transferring to a four-year institution. It allows for completion of general education requirements, as well as preparatory coursework for continued study in agricultural business management or environmental economics and policy.

The Agricultural Business Management emphasis, Associate of Science degree is a lower-division transfer program designed to transfer to Oregon State University (OSU) or another four-year school with a program in agricultural education. Students who complete the degree requirements will be prepared to enroll in upper-division coursework. It is important to identify the program requirements at each individual institution and focus on those courses while at LBCC. Students should consult with two advisors; one at LBCC and a second at the school they intend to transfer to. This will ensure that courses being taken will satisfy the lower-division program requirements at that university.

Program Requirements

The Agricultural Business Management emphasis, Associate of Science degree program is designed to be completed in two years. This assumes that entering students have placed at or above WR 121 English Composition and MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra on LBCC Computerized Placement Tests. Students are encouraged to take the test as early as possible. If developmental coursework is required, it may take longer than two years to complete the degree.

Entering students will progress at a faster rate if they have a firm background in life and physical sciences as well as mathematics. Program completion requires math, chemistry, biology and other baccalaureate core perspectives courses. Note: College Chemistry is different than General Chemistry. Oregon State University (OSU) accepts College Chemistry, however, if transferring to a school other than OSU please consult with an advisor for appropriate chemistry requirement.

The electives within the Associate of Science with an emphasis in Agricultural Business Management are intended to assist students in completing specific programs at Oregon State University within the College of Agriculture. Students should select electives only after consulting with an advisor. For electives, students can choose from a varied cross-section of lower-division transfer courses in the field of agriculture, providing practical instructional experiences in the areas of animal science, economics and crop production.