The Education/Child and Family Studies department offers programs for students who want to become preschool, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers. Students interested in becoming a preschool teacher, see the Early Childhood Education section.

The first step for students who wish to become K–12 teachers is to see an Education advisor. Students who want to become K–12 teachers can take their first two years of coursework at LBCC, then transfer to a four-year university and work toward their teaching credential. The College of Education at each university determines the unique path it requires for its teaching candidates. The Education advisors at LBCC have the most current program information from local universities.

Students should determine their preferred grade level and/or subject area of teaching and the university they would like to attend following LBCC. These decisions help ensure students take the most beneficial courses while at LBCC.

Programs that lead to teacher certification are available at many public and private higher education institutions in Oregon. To teach elementary school, select the elementary education emphasis; to teach middle school or high school, select a degree in a subject discipline.

Students who plan to attend Oregon State University (OSU) should pursue an Associate of Science (AS) degree. Students who plan to attend Western Oregon University (WOU) as an education major should complete an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree (AAOT). Those planning to transfer to other universities should also complete the AAOT degree.

Program Requirements

The program is designed to be completed in two years. This assumes that entering students have prerequisite basic skills. The course requirements listed below do not include pre-college courses.

Most teacher preparation programs expect students to have worked in public schools in order to be admitted. ED 101A Observation and Guidance and ED 102A Education Practicum meet this requirement. These classes give you the opportunity to experience a K-12 classroom, be prepared to apply to a college of education, and to make final decisions about a teaching career. Public school placements must be arranged one term in advance. Work with an advisor to be ready to enroll in these classes. 

Double Degree Option at OSU

Students may elect to earn a Double Degree in Education at OSU. The student earns a primary, or first degree, in a content area such as Human Development & Family Sciences, Biology or Liberal Arts. The Double Degree is earned by completing an additional 40 to 45 credits beyond the primary degree. Six required credits of the Double Degree may be taken at LBCC; those classes are ED 216 Purpose, Structure and Function of Education in a Democracy, and ED 219 Civil Rights and Multicultural Issues in Education.