Whether you plan to enter the sciences, a business or technical field, or the liberal arts, your career success will be enhanced by strong communication skills. English majors planning to transfer to Oregon State University (OSU) are advised to complete an Associate of Science degree. OSU offers courses for those interested in the English major (as well as minors in English, Writing, Applied Journalism, and Film) and for those interested in teaching English in elementary or secondary schools. 

An OSU Bachelor of Arts degree requires that students take two years of a college-level second language. While this is not a requirement of this Associate of Science degree, it is highly recommended that students complete this coursework at LBCC, or after transfer using the Degree Partnership Program.

Student planning to transfer to the University of Oregon (UO) or any other state university should consider completing an AAOT degree. The AAOT is a general degree that needs to be tailored to each four-year institution. Work with an English advisor to review program requirements for the four-year institution and enroll in required courses while at LBCC to ensure that a Bachelor’s degree can be completed in a timely manner.

Program Requirements

The English program welcomes students at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. However, to complete the English emphasis, Associate of Science degree within a two-year period, students will need to complete at least 15 credits per quarter, test into WR 121 English Composition, and MTH 105 Math in Society on LBCC’s Computerized Placement Test (CPT). Students who do not place into MTH 105 should take MTH 098 Foundations for Contemporary Mathematics and then proceed to MTH 105.