Journalism and Mass Communication

The Journalism and Mass Communication program emphasizes writing for print and online media. It prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university and provides entry-level skills for those who want to change careers.

The Journalism program also maintains a co-curricular relationship with The Commuter, LBCC’s award-winning student newspaper and online information source. The Commuter offers first- and second-year students valuable training and media experience.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university can obtain a solid foundation of journalism skills at LBCC, from reporting and photography, to writing, editing and online media. Acquiring these skills will prepare them to excel in a bachelor’s degree program.

The Journalism and Mass Communication emphasis, Associate of Science Degree is intended for students planning to transfer to Oregon State University (OSU). This transfer degree includes 25 lower-division journalism credits, as outlined below. Graduates can transfer to OSU and major in Digital Communication Arts (in the New Media Communications Program).

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) is a general transfer degree and does not include program requirements. It is important that students identify the four-year school they plan to attend. Students are encouraged to contact an advisor at the institution to which they plan to transfer to coordinate classes that meet that institution’s program requirements.

Students who plan to transfer to the University of Oregon should pursue the AAOT degree and take journalism to fulfill the Arts and Letters requirement (JN 201, JN 216, JN 217 and/or JN 134). Journalism students also are encouraged to include several terms of the Journalism Lab (JN 215A) and the Design and Production Lab (JN 215B) among their electives to obtain additional writing and editing experience. See the graduation requirements for the AAOT.

Facilities for the Journalism program include The Commuter’s modern computer-equipped newsroom overlooking the courtyard, as well as access to other computer and electronic imaging labs on campus. The Commuter is online at

Program Requirements

Students who want to succeed in LBCC’s Journalism program are encouraged to complete WR 121 English Composition before enrolling in Journalism courses. Another General Education Requirement for the Journalism major is completion of Math 105 or a higher-level math course.