Liberal Studies

The Associate of Science degree in Liberal Studies is for students planning on transferring into the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University. It is a good choice for students wishing to design a unique program of study that spans disciplines. It is also a flexible choice for distance education students planning to transfer into the E-campus Liberal Studies program. Students, with their advisor, will develop a plan based on coursework selected from the various disciplines within OSU’s College of Liberal Arts, including art, speech communication, history, economics, anthropology, English, foreign languages and literature, new media communications, women's studies, sociology, political science, theatre, philosophy, ethnic studies, psychology and music.

An Oregon State University Bachelor of Arts degree requires that students take two years (six terms) of a college-level foreign language.  While this is not a requirement for the Associate of Science, it is highly recommended that you do this coursework during your time at LBCC, or after transfer using the Degree Partnership Program.

Pre-elementary education students planning to complete a Liberal Studies degree should see the Education section of this catalog for the AS degree with an emphasis in Elementary/Middle Education in Liberal Studies option.

Liberal Studies, Associate of Science Degree

Students who successfully complete an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Liberal Studies will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge to specific problems, synthesizing facts, concepts, and principles.
  • Access and use a variety of information sources to formulate a research question or to describe a process or event.
  • Use various forms and styles of written and oral communication effectively.
  • Manage interpersonal relationships effectively.
  • Think critically.
  • Demonstrate cultural fluency working with people from diverse backgrounds within a global community.

General Education Requirements: 44

See the graduation requirements for the Associate of Science degree.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements: 15 

See the degree requirements section for a list of Liberal Arts Core requirements. These are courses required for degrees in the college of Liberal Arts at OSU.

Program Requirements: 31

In consultation with LBCC and OSU advisors, students will develop an education plan that prepares students to complete the Liberal Studies degree at OSU.