General Education Development (GED®) Prep

GED® preparatory classes are offered for adults who want to improve their general knowledge and skills in writing, reading, math, science and social studies in order to prepare to earn a GED® credential. Direct instruction, individualized study, and group work are provided. Some classes are available remote. There is a $33 enrollment fee. New students must attend a GED® orientation before enrolling. If you already have a GED® or high school diploma, you may still attend Adult Basic Education classes to improve your skills. Call 541-917-4706 or go to

If you are under 18, you must present either a signed Release from Compulsory Attendance (ORS 339.30) on official school letterhead from your most-recently attended school or a Parent Assurance Form and GED Authorization letter, which you can obtain from your local homeschool office. New students must attend an orientation before enrolling in classes.