II. Standards of Conduct


Alcohol Unlawful use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages. Public intoxication, possession or use while on College property or at events except as expressly permitted by College policies. Disruptive behavior or other Code violations due to alcohol intoxication.

Drugs Unlawful possession or distribution of unlawful drugs, or narcotics to those for whom they are not prescribed, except as expressly permitted by College policy. The unlawful underage use of any substance and/or the non-prescription use of a prescription substance is not permitted. Being impaired by the use of any non-prescribed substance is not permitted. Impairment shall be evidenced by inappropriate behavior.

Marijuana Marijuana possession and/or use on campus is prohibited in all locations.

Smoking and Tobacco Use Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, or the use of other inhalants or tobacco products in any unauthorized location or by any person under the age of 21. Authorized locations are the smoking/vaping shelters only. Any attempts to purchase or distribute smoking or inhalant products that are unlawful (example, distribution to persons under 21). See Administrative Rule 5045-02.

In addition, no student regardless of age may use, possess or distribute alcoholic beverages or controlled substances when traveling with LBCC to any college-sponsored trip, activity, or other event, during the entire course of travel.

Participating in some programs may require a criminal background check or drug/alcohol testing. LBCC and its partners reserve the right to perform criminal background checks and/or drug/alcohol tests for programs that involve placement contact with vulnerable populations or when mandated by external agencies in accordance with employers and in accordance with state and federal law. Examples may include, but are not limited, to cooperative education, service learning and child care.
The document may be viewed online at www.linnbenton.edu/student-rights.


The Board of Education seeks to ensure compliance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226). It is also the goal of the Board that the College intentionally promotes the highest quality educational experience for students by utilizing a workforce whose performance is not impeded by the use of drugs or alcohol.

LBCC specifically prohibits the use, distribution or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs or other unauthorized controlled substances while engaged in work duties on campus (including parking areas and grounds). This prohibition includes the use of such substances during non-work time (such as personal meal/break time) or while otherwise performing their work duties away from College premises, if such use may result in job impairment.

This prohibition also applies to employees traveling overnight for College-related functions who may be called upon or responsible for student-related services, as impairment may inhibit service quality and may cause potential liability under the College’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies. Included within this prohibition are lawful controlled substances which have been illegally or improperly obtained.

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus or at College-related functions except as they relate to the teaching/learning process, or as specifically allowed and sanctioned by Administrative Rule 5045-01- Use of College Facilities and Food/Conference Services.

All employees and/or sponsors of any on-campus or College-sponsored activity or social event at which alcoholic beverages are served must abide by all applicable laws. Sponsors must obtain and follow applicable procedures.