V. LBCC Sanctions


The Students’ Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct Code outlines the procedures the college will follow for students who violate either the drug or alcohol policies. These procedures provide for due process for students. Those found responsible for misconduct may be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

  • disciplinary warning (notice that a student’s conduct in a specific instance does not meet college standards and that continued misconduct may result in more serious disciplinary action);
  • disciplinary probation (written notice that the student found in violation of the college standards may continue to be enrolled under stated conditions);
  • other educational activities sanctions to provide opportunities for students to learn about alcohol and other drugs and reflect on their own behavior;
  • temporary exclusion (exclusion from classes or activities for up to two class meetings or longer);
  • suspension (suspension for a fixed period of time which may include forfeiture of the right to enter the campus, exclusion from one or more classes, or exclusion from classes and/or activities; and
  • expulsion (termination of student status).

Further supplemental sanctions may be imposed which clearly address the issues involved in the misconduct.


The College will impose sanctions or require satisfactory completion of a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program. Sanctions imposed may include disciplinary probation (the suspension of a more severe penalty for a specific time period, based upon good behavior), suspension (the temporary barring from employment for a specific time period, without pay), and/or termination (the severance of employment with the college).