VI. Assistance Programs Available to Students and Employees

Benton County Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program 541-766-6835
Linn County Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program  541-967- 3819
Alcoholics Anonymous, Linn & Benton counties 541-967-4252
Ala-Non, Linn & Benton counties 541-967-6262
Community Outreach/ASSETS 541-758-3000
SAMHSA National Helpline
Milestones Family Recovery Program 541-738-6832

Narcotics Anonymous Helpline

Serenity Lane, Albany 541-928-9681
Teen Challenge, Inc. Willamette Valley 541-491-1002


College Resources for Students:

Counseling Center, Takena Hall


College Resources for Employees:

LBCC provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), available to all contracted employees. Through this program, each employee and his or her dependents are allowed five visits per year at no cost for appraisal, limited counseling and/or referral. All employee contact with EAP is strictly confidential. Phone numbers for EAP include: (800-922-7009; Corvallis (541-754-8004) or Eugene (541-344-6929).