Core Transfer Map

The Core Transfer Map (CTM) is a grouping of eight courses that adds up to at least 30 credits. The CTM is a broad description of course requirements for students at any Oregon community college or public university. Students who have not yet declared a major and plan to transfer may take courses that fit these categories at any Oregon community college and expect all courses to transfer and meet at least 30 credits of General Education requirements for a bachelor’s degree at any Oregon public university. 

Students should work closely with an academic advisor to ensure selection of appropriate course work. Upon transfer, students may be required to complete additional course work in General Education, or an academic major, that is specific to the receiving institution.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time the module is completed and are advised to take all courses for the CTM for a letter grade. Many colleges and universities have a limit on the number of Pass/Fail courses students can take. 

Required Courses


WR 121ZComposition I


Mathematics (1 Course)

Select any 100-level or 200-level MTH course for which MTH 95 or MTH 98 is a prerequisite (4-5 credits)

Arts and Letters

Select two (2) courses from the General Education Arts & Letters list (6-8 credits)

Social Sciences

Select two (2) courses from the General Education Social Sciences list (6-8 credits)

Natural Science

Select two (2) Science courses chosen from the General Education Math/Science/Computer Science list (8-10 credits; lab science courses ONLY)

Note: Science courses for non-majors do not qualify for students pursuing a STEM pathway.

Additional Requirements

Cultural Literacy: Students must select one course from any of the discipline studies that is designated as meeting the statewide criteria for Cultural Literacy (as indicated on the AAOT General Education: Discipline Studies List). This course can be one of the 6 required courses in Arts & Letters, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences.

If the credit total for the above requirements is less than 30 credits, select a course of your choice from the General Education list.