Understanding Course Numbers

All Lower Division Transfer (LDT) and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are taught at a college level. LDT courses with letter prefixes and numbers of 100 or higher should transfer to a four-year institution. 

CTE courses with letter prefixes and numbers of 100 or higher, letter-prefix courses that have numbers below 100, or numbers that include a decimal point generally will not transfer to a four-year institution. However, there are some exceptions; see your advisor concerning transferability.

You are not limited to taking all LDT or all CTE courses; you may mix and match courses depending on your program. Consult an advisor.

If a course number is changed, the new course number will appear on a student's permanent record only if taken after the change was approved.


Common Course Numbering (CCN)

In an effort to improve and clarify the transfer of courses between community colleges and public universities, and as charged by SB 233, a common course numbering (CCN) system was created by the Oregon Transfer Council to align course numbers, titles, credits, and outcomes for high transfer courses across all 24 public higher education institutions in Oregon.

At this time, 10 courses have been aligned and updated under this system. All CCN courses are identified by a 'Z' at the end of the course number, e.g. WR 121Z.


Former LBCC Course Number

     New Common Course Number

 COMM 100
     COMM 100Z
 COMM 111
     COMM 111Z
 COMM 218
     COMM 218Z
 MTH 105
     MTH 105Z
 MTH 111
     MTH 111Z
 MTH 112
     MTH 112Z
 MTH 243
     STAT 243Z
 WR 121
     WR 121Z
 WR 122
     WR 122Z
 WR 227
     WR 227Z