LBCC's Commitment to Service Members

LBCC complies with the Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), demonstrating that we follow DoD guidelines. What that means:

  • LBCC maintains accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and complies with Federal and State regulations
  • LBCC has established the Veterans Benefits Office, which can provide students with information and refer students to services:
    • Information about our programs and access to professionals to help with course planning
    • Information about cost and funding options, including access to Financial Aid professionals who can assist students in learning about federal or private options
    • LBCC discloses its Cohort Default Rate
  • LBCC has a readmission policy that allows Service members to readmit to the college in the same status they left if the reason for leaving was because they were called to active duty in accordance with 34 CFR 668.18.

LBCC ensures that members of the Armed Forces, including the reserve components and the National Guard, who enroll in a course of education are accommodated during short absences by reason of serving in the Armed Forces in accordance with 38 U.S.C. 3679(g) as amended.

  • LBCC does not practice aggressive recruiting of any students, including Service members or Veterans.
  • LBCC does not incentivize any employee based on enrolling students in school or receiving federal aid.
  • LBCC is honored to welcome Service Members and Veterans and provides these services in addition to a Veterans Resource Center located on the Albany Campus in the Forum, Room F-109. If you have questions about what is available at LBCC, please contact our Veterans Benefits Specialist.