Student Responsibilities

  • Complete the admission process for LBCC.
  • Bring your VA Certificate of Eligibility and DD 214 to the LBCC Veterans Benefits Office to begin receiving benefits.
  • Complete and submit the LBCC VA and Military Benefits form to get your file started. Forms are available online or at the LBCC Veterans Benefits Office.
  • Submit all transcripts from previous schools and military service.
  • Any Veteran receiving GI Bill® benefits while attending LBCC is required to obtain official transcripts from all previously attended schools and submit them to the school for review of prior credit.
  • Submit the Enrollment Verification Form every term. This form lists the classes the student is claiming for Educational Benefits. This form can be submitted via the online form, by email, or in person at the LBCC Veterans Benefits Office as soon as the student is registered for classes.
  • A new form should be submitted if there are any changes to the student’s schedule.
  • Student’s must be in a VA Approved degree program and must match what they have declared with the college.