Pass/No-Pass Option

A course with a grade mode designation of O or “Optional” indicates that the instructor has the option of grading students with an A-F letter grade or a Pass/No-Pass (P/NP) grade. Some classes have multiple grade modes associated with them, which may include a designated P/NP option. It is the responsibility of the student to check the class schedule to determine whether a class has O or P/NP options. Requests for “P” grades in a course with an Optional grade mode must be directed to the instructor of the course. Classes with multiple grade mode options may be updated by the student to their grade mode of choice in their online student account. This can be done through the 7th week of the term. It is not advisable to choose the “P” grade for major coursework within a chosen field of study. If students are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, they should check that institution’s requirements regarding “P” grades. The maximum number of “P” credits allowed toward a degree is 16; excluding those with an obligatory “P” grade.