Associate of Science (AS) Degrees

The Associate of Science (AS) two-year degree is intended for students who wish to take their first two years of coursework at an Oregon community college, then transfer to a particular four-year institution to complete a degree in the designated discipline. The Associate of Science degree has both general education and discipline specific requirements. At LBCC, the AS degree is designed to facilitate transfer to Oregon State University (OSU) and the courses listed have been agreed on by OSU as acceptable towards a four-year degree. Students who complete this degree and are accepted to OSU will be admitted as having completed all lower-division general education (Baccalaureate Core) requirements but not necessarily school, department, or major requirements with regard to courses or GPA.

Students who plan to transfer to OSU are encouraged to apply to the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) once eligible. DPP students can be dual-enrolled at LBCC and OSU while receiving financial aid from either institution based on their total credits and are considered students at both institutions, even if only attending classes at one. DPP students taking classes at LBCC have access to OSU advisors to plan their academic path.

For students who do not plan to transfer to OSU, courses taken as part of an AS degree transfer to other four-year institutions on a course-by-course basis. The assignment of LBCC credit to particular requirements of other schools is made by the institution to which the transfer is being made. Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor to ensure they fully understand degree and transfer requirements.